This year we are holding our first Summer School! There will be two classes (one for Saturday School children and one for kindergarten senior-age children). The class size will be limited to around 10.

It will run from Monday 4th August to Friday 8th August. It will be a morning school, activities running from 9.30am-11.45am. Children are welcome from 9.00am for "Free Play". Of course, the day will be given in English.

The theme for the week is "At the beach". We will be singing songs, playing games, splashing around in the water, making displays, parasols, boats and having a sandcastle competition! On the last day (Friday 8th) parents and siblings our welcome. We will have a boat race and a summer treasure hunt. Then we will all have lunch together.

The Summer School is open to seniors (Bamboo, Fuji and Kiku class children and other 5-6 year olds from outside the kindergarten) and children from our Saturday School.

The fee for the week is ¥8,000.

It will be fun, come and join us

This week Lily (along with Bara and Momo) went to the zoo. It was a very hot day and the children enjoyed saying "hello" and "good morning" to the various animals! You can hear them on the link below.

Lily, Bara and Momo at the zoo

It was a great day!


Well, all the children got their books this week. I hope you were happy with your books. My order for the kindergarten was great and I've already read some of the books with the children in Pumpkin class.
Apologies for those of you who ordered items on the back pages of the catalogues. They are only available to people with U.S addresses.
For those of you who didn't receive the books you ordered, I have already re-ordered them and they should be here next week.
I will distribute flyers again in September.

Two thirds of the order has now arrived. I'm expecting the last box of books to arrive in the next few days.
I should be able to distribute the books next week.
Very exciting. I hope you will enjoy them.

Next week the lunchtime chant (あいさつ) will go English!
The shortened version will be:
"Mothers, fathers, dear cooks too."
"Thank you very much for this yummy lunch"
"Itadakimasu" (there is no English equivalent)

This is in addition to the "Good Morning" song, "Lunchtime" song and one of the "Goodbye" songs, which are already sung everyday in English.

Last week we began Special Circle Times. These are a bit different to normal Circle Times. A group of about 8 children go with an English teacher for a session of English activity, normally work on the alphabet, story-time or phonics.
This is very useful as the children get more attention. Another benefit is that the group that remains in the classroom is smaller and more manageable.
You can see Lee-sensei giving a Special Circle Time session to a group from Bamboo by clicking the link below:
Special Circle Time for Bamboo

The bright green bear, Yamamoto-san came in to play with the children on Thursday this week. The children really enjoyed it and I'm sure Yamamoto-san did too!

In this photo you can see Lilly playing with Lilly class. If you
click the link below you can see a video clip of Yamamoto-san with Bamboo class!

Bamboo and Yamamoto-san

Very soon children in the Immersion course will be given catalogues from Scholastic and an order form (with instructions in Japanese).
The prices for English picture books in Japan are quite high and books bought through Scholastic are generally much lower than the shops and even many internet book shops.

The English teachers, myself included, have bought many books for the Kindergarten and our children this way.

Happy shopping!

Welcome to the Immersion Programme 2008-2009!
The year has started and the teachers have already taught their first Circle Time of the new year.
The teachers for this year will be:
Bamboo: Marika-sensei and Gregory-sensei
Lilly: Yuki-sensei, Lee-sensei and Anwar-sensei
Cherry: Yuka-sensei, Sobia-sensei and Yumi-sensei
Pumpkin: Risa-sensei and Augusto-sensei

We are all looking forward to teaching and learning with your children this year.

I'm in the process of applying to run a book club from the Kindergarten. This will mean that parents (and teachers) will be able to buy books quite cheaply from the U.S.
Watch this space!


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