Hello, and welcome back everyone.

I hope everyone had a nice spring vacation and we are very happy to see everyone back, and happy to see the new students in afterschool.

Afterschool will be starting on Monday, the 5th of April.
But remember next Saturday the 10th will be holiday due to the Entrance Ceremony.


See you soon everyone!!

Today was the last Saturday School.
We had a fun day playing games, reading (the children's choice), shopping and the children also received a certificate.
It has been great teaching the children for the last two years and I have seen a real improvement in their reading, writing and speaking ability. The children also this year took and passed (with flying colours) the Jidou Eiken Listening test at Silver level. We have used The Let's Go 2 text book and they have really improved their reading and writing as a result. Their speaking has been improved by this but also by the various games we have played to encourage the use of the target language. We have also used many games to increase the children's vocabulary. 

Today we say goodbye to many of our children but some will stay with us in our After-School programme that will run on Saturday mornings (10.00-11.30).

We wish all the children the very best with their new hobbies and future lives. Yumi, Hayato and I will miss them very much.  

Today's teachers were Yumi, Lee and Hayato.

In today's Saturday school, we had a Let's Go and listening quizzes covering what we have been doing this year. The kids did great on the listening quiz first, most of them getting more than 90%. The writing test was also good except for couple of spelling mistakes, but grammar wise they did a wonderful job.

The afternoon kids also took the quizzes, doing the listening quiz from Jr Step eiken, and writing quiz from Let's Go.

Next week will be the last one before new semester starts so we will be playing game and do shopping!
See you all next week! 

This morning's teachers were Hayato and Yumi and this afternoon's teacher was Lee.
This morning the children reviewed some langauge from Let's Go 2 and did a short worksheet as well as lots of speaking. In the second lesson the children reviewed some playground verb phrases.

After lunch, the children reviewed some different Let's Go 2 language  and again they did lot's of speaking and a short worksheet.
During the break the children asked if they could read some books on their own. This activity spilled over into the second lesson. The children were so enthuiastic to read by themselves! I didn't want to stop them hbut had to cover some material on telling the time in English. I was really blown away by their eagerness to read today.

Well done everyone! See you next week for the end-of-year quiz!

 This morning, after a "toss the card" game which introduced the phrase "What kind of _______ do you like?" Hayato and Yumi gave the children a lessons on Phonics and reading. After practicing the phonic element the children read the Floppy's Phonics book "Joe".
In the second lesson the children did some fun activities involving houselhold item vocabularly and then did a Gold level Jidou Eiken listening test.
This afternoon we focused on basic phonics and reviewing a few consonant digraphs and blends. We then read "Poor Floppy" and went on to the independent reading element. The children tried really, really hard. 
Well done everyone, see you next Saturday.

Here's a short clip from the first lesson...

In today's Saturday school we worked on the Let's Go textbook, focusing on "he/she wants a(an) _______" and also we learned and reviewed classroom verbs. We also started a reading program where the kids can read the independent reader books individually, and if they managed to read it to the teacher they received a sticker. We have up to level 3 so the reading gets more dofficult as they read on.

In the afternoon we reviewed clothes for Summer and Winter, then we played criss cross. We practiced the phrase, "I'm wearing a _______".
In the second lesson some kids worked on their Let's Go textbook and other kids continued on their reading program.

Great job everyone!!

Today's teachers were Lee, Yumi and Hayato.

In the first lesson with Hayato sensei, we started off with passing around a ball asking each other questions, then we also played word chain game.
After the warm up we had phonics flashcards from the last reading (/igh/, /ea/ and etc.) then we also had new phonics sounds like /kn/ and /wr/. We also played a slap game using those flashcards, and read a book called, "The Knight who was afraid".

In the second lesson we learned and reviewed clothes with Yumi sensei.
We practiced the phrases, "what are you wearing?", "I am wearing a ________" and "are you wearing a _______?" Afterwards we split into two groups and played a guessing game, trying to guess what the student was wearing.

After lunchtime, we reviewed shapes with Lee sensei. But before the review we played the domino card game. Then we reviewed the shapes quickly and worked on the worksheets.

In the second lesson we reviewed name of buildings in a town. We also learned new buildings such as a bakery, video store, hair salon, factory, toy store and etc. We played a memory game using the cards then we played chip-o after that. The kids spoke a lot of English, and they learned a lot of vocabulary words.

Great job guys! See you all next week!

In today's Saturday school, we had English in the morning and afternoon lessons.

We started off reviewing different food, and learning the phrases, "what's for breakfast/lunch/dinner, mom (or dad)?" and "would you like a ______ (food)?". We also learned 4 action verbs which are type, wink, do a cartwheel and play Ping-Pong. We had a lot of reading and writing practices using the Let's Go textbook.

In the second half we read a book called, "Craig Saves the Day".

We worked on phonics sound of /ai/ as in 'day' and reviewed /ee/ as in 'team' and /oo/ as in 'spoon'.

In the afternoon we worked on Let's Go textbook like we did in the morning, and reviewed illnesses and played 'doctor doctor'.

Great job everyone! See you next week!

This morning Yumi-sensei took the first lesson on cooking verbs. This was a review of these verbs and a good chance to actually use them in a fun context. This is good practice to broaden the children's vocabulary and another chance to practice speaking skills.
In the second lesson, Hayato was the lead teacher and they reviewed descriptions and then played a "Guess Who" type game. The children really enjoyed this. Then they moved on to looking at som questiond from an Eiken (5 kyuu) test. This was their first introduction to the this form of written test. We will be working steadily towards taking this test in the next year. 
This afternoon Lee-sensei worked with the children covering a Let's Go unit, focusing on fluency of speech. We also practiced some verbs. Then in the second lesson we worked on basic phonics, the 'magic e' with 'a' (gate, cake, snake etc...). Then we challenged ourselves with a rhyming card match game. The children did really well.
Good job everyone!

Today's teachers were Yumi, Lee and Hayato.

In the first lesson we started off with zip-zap game.

This game is a good practice for personal pronouns and it is also an exciting game!

Then we moved on to the Let's Go textbook, learning about prepositions like in, under, behind, in front of and next to. We practiced writing, as well as listening to the CD to answer some of the questions.

Lee sensei also practiced speaking with some of the kids using chants.

In the second lesson we reviewed different names of pet animal. We practiced the phrases, "do you have a ______?" and "I have/don't have _______."
We finished off the morning lesson playing the animal go fish game.

In the afternoon we learned about different clothes such as a jacket, a coat, jeans, glasses, and so on. We also designed our own clothes and played treasure hunt using those clothes. We used the phrase, "what did you find" and also "I found a ______(clothes)."

Last hour of the Saturday school we reviewed phonics sounds of ch, th, sh, and ea. Afterwards we played dodge ball game, trying to hit the correct word.

Everyone did a great job speaking, writing and reading today!


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