Jack o Lanterns
How have been lately everyone? Hope everything is well with all of you
It is autumn now, my favorite season of the year. I like this time of the
year since there are many fun holidays and events, which we can spend 
precious time with our family and friends such as Halloween in October, 
Thanksgiving in November, and Christmas in December. I also can not
forget to mention about my affection toward fall foliage(紅葉) ,autumn
foods, and the lengthening of nights in autumn(秋の夜長).

On this Tagami website, I enjoyed looking at the adorable pictures
of Tagami kids wearing creative Halloween costumes very much!
We can see how much fun the children had during trick-or-treating at
Tagami Youchien on Halloween Among all of the above my autumn
favorites, today I would like to tell you about my experience in fallowing
cute trick-or-treating kids on Halloween here in Pacific Grove in

On this Halloween day, I went to the street so called,"Candy Cane Lane"
in Pacific Grove in California to see children's trick-or-treating . This
Candy Cane Lane is famous for its beautiful house decorations during
Christmas time as well as the unique decorations during Halloween.
Since the neibhborhood around the area is safe, many parents and
children come here for collecting candies walking from door to door
every year.
Trick or Treating
On the Halloween night, there was a grey crecent grimming in the foggy
blur sky. If you look up the sky, you will see the moon just above the
shadow of the tall Pacific Groves. "What a perfect spooky night for
Halloween," I thought. As soon as I arrived at the Candy Cane street,
I started to find many of the colorfully costumed children ranging from
babies to teenagers with their trick-or-treating bags. About 1,000 of
them! I saw variety of costumes. Boys would wear spiderman, batman,
toystory, Star Wars characters (e.g., Anakin, Darth Vader,etc.), cops,
cowboys,etc. On the other hand, girls would wear, Disney characters
 (e.g., princess, Snow White, Tinkerbell, Marmaid, etc.), black cats,
witches,etc. Not only children but adults and even dogs were wearing
some sorts of costumes too! It was so fun to see all those different
people.....and doggies.

The houses were unique, too. It is a sign that the house owners
are welcoming trick-or-treaters if the houses are decorated.
There were many of the creative beautiful Jack-o'-Lanterns shaped
like Jack, ghosts, funny faces, and Mr. Frankenstein! People
would decorate their houses with skeletons, bats, ghosts, graves,
and of course, pumpkins! Some houses even created 
haunted houses with monsters inside so that visiters would be
horrified while screaming, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!," which I did this time  

Children would visit each house saying, "Trick-or-treat!", and
the owners of the houses would give them candies. Then the kids
would tell them, "thank you!" with full of smile, put the candies in 
their bags happily and move on to the next house. My friends with
children told me that chidren usually count the numbers of the
candies they got with their friends while competing how many
candies they collected and what kinds of sweets they got.
Some parents claimed that their children count them over and
over again even though the number always stays the same!
I thought it is just like,"お年玉" for Japanese kids.

It is always fun to see children going for trick-or-treating. 
Becoming a different "me" is an interesting experience for children.
I hope many of your children and you had a great Halloween
this year and will have even more fun next year. 

Happy Halloween!!! 

Hi, everyone!
It has been such a loooong time since the last posting...
though I hope everything is going great for all of you!
Me? I am good! We have just celebrated "Thanksgiving"
here in the U.S.on November 26. Traditionally people
eat turkeys with cranberry sauce,mushed potatoes,
and pumpkin pies with loved ones. I ate a lot of Sushi
instead of turkey yesterday. Ha! After Thanksgiving,
many people run to shopping malls for the biggest sale
in a year so called,"Black Friday." Did you want to
join the crazy shopping crowd?

Time just flies so fast.
Thanksgiving has passed and it is time to prepare for
coming Christmas. However, I would like to tell you my
terrific experience at L.A. Live!

As you know, "The King of Pop," Michael Jackson passed
away in this June. As a big fun of MJ, I decided to
participate in the world wide big event,"Thrill the World
2009" in Los Angeles this year. This is an event that
people all over the world dance along with Michael
Jackson's mega hit song,"Thriller" simultenously
exactly at the same time and we challenged the
Guinness World Record to break. On my way to L.A.Live,
which is next to the Nokia Center(Grammy Award Place)
and Laker's Staple Center,I saw many zombies who
put full makeup on with uniquely ripped and torn
zombie clothes in different ages(from babies to grandma!).
There were some with MJ costumes,bloody zombies,
red carpet celebrity zombies, mummies, etc.
People were very creative and funny!
I was also one of the zombies painting face and body
all in white and partially in black with black dress.
Oh,it was REALLy fun!

Before the actual event, we practiced dancing a couple
of times. We, all zobmies got so excited already!
The MC on the stage started to count down,"30,29,28..."
and the party was kicked off!!! We started to dance
feeling a joy of unity while having so much fun.
Since many of these people were big fun of MJ,
we danced Thriller wishing Michael's rest in peace.

The official website and video of this even is here:

You may find me here and there in this crowd.
Long in short, it was fantastic experience to accomplish
a goal with such large numbers of people from all over
the world while enjoying the moment.We ended up
having 22,923 participants in 32 countries and
broke the Guinness Record! Yeah!

If you would like to see the original "Thriller":

In addition,if you want to practice in dancing
this with your husband, wife, and children:

This is it!!!

Hi, there! It is summer vacation!
I believe many of you have already enjoyed swimming in a pool or sea and eating a lot of ice cream (be careful!) but more fun may be waiting for you!

Here in the U.S., summer vacation for school-age children from
Pre-K to high school usually start from sometime June to August.
Summer vacation here is relatively longer than that of Japan
(2-3 months!Can you believe?). It is because academic year in the U.S. start in September and end in June. Not only children here and Japan but most of children in the world are on vacation now! Good for kids! But we, adult want a break, too, don’t we?

Although children are on summer vacation, many of them participate in summer programs and activities here like some of Tagami kids also do. Parents and children choose the specific school/program to attend depending on their needs. For example, if the children want to gain their experiences in Art & Craft, sports, cooking, swimming, camping etc, they would go to such summer programs. If they need to catch up and improve their academic skills such as reading & writing, Math, and Science, they attend at those programs. High school, college and university students can earn credits in summer programs whereas summer programs for elementary and middle school students are usually non-academic. As we all know, children grow up during summer vacation dramatically. We, teachers always surprise at students’ physical, mental and behavioral growth after summer.

I know that Tagami Kindergarten, Nagayoshi Gakuen have summer school program and Saturday School programs. Summer vacation is long and nice. How you spend your valuable time in summer is totally up to you. Please enjoy this summer whatever you do and wherever you go! In this summer, I will go to beach and reading a lot of books which I really wanted to do. Of course, I am watching Beijing Olympic on TV screaming,"Ganbare Nippon!!!" "Go Kitajima, go Phelps!"

Have lots of fun during this summer!!!

Congratulations on Your Graduation !桜







Once again, congratulations !!!

Hi, all! How have you been?
I saw the pictures of Tagami kids’ performances at ‘Oyugi-kai’
and you all looked great! You must have practiced a lot.
I am very proud of you!

After a while, today’s topic is “Sports & Movie Stars in L.A.”!!
I want to share my experiences to see or nearly see some
movie and sports stars here and there in L.A.

Will Smith
“Just the two of us”- one my favorite songs of him!
One day, Will Smith and the movie crews were
filming ”John Haangcock”(will come in 2008!)
in downtown L.A. I was walking on the street and saw some
movie trailers. This is just normal for people here since we see filming everywhere. But this time, mmm…seems different.
Yes, it was Will, big Willie!
My huge regret was that I could not see him with MY eyes yet
my friend saw him and even took a picture on cell phone!!!
How lucky!”He was really tall with a tiny face. He was sooooo cool!”Ok, someday, I will see him, too!

Mark Johnson-NBA Basketball Player-
When I went to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, my friend and I
dropped in Luis Vuitton.My friend poked me saying,
“He is a former NBA player!”We could not remember his name immediately but came up with, “He must be Mark something”
Mark Johnson was with his family,wife and teenage son for shopping.We passed by him excitedly and moved to another shop.After getting around several shops, we entered Prada.
Then, there he is again!!!This time, he was sitting on a white bench so we sat on the same bench behind him. Hahaha. As a memory! What a chicken I was, I did not ask him autograph or anything.

Musashi (武蔵)-K 1 Fighter-
I think there would be more chances to see him in Japan though I met Musashi at Rodeo Drive on the same day I saw the above Mark Johnson. Musashi-san was walking on the street and suddenly an American guy with well-built-body next to him started to talk to my friend. So we stopped. Then I thought, “Wait a minute...
He looks like someone… Mmmmm…”Suddenly, his name came up in my mind so I asked him,“武蔵さんですか?” Instead of answering, “yes,” he put his hands together as fighters do before and/or after fighting. It looked cool. Then, I said, “Welcome to L.A.!!!” We both smiled. What a small world!

There are so many people out there we have never seen in this world.I still want to see and talk to more people here and there. It does not mean to see those big names but people from different cultural, social, professional backgrounds. To broaden our world, meeting people and sharing each insight,belief ,wisdom, and experiences could be a way to do so as well as reading books/articles and you actually expose to different cultures and experience things.
Children, you are the ones who can do so!

Play, laugh and learn a lot, kids!!!

Hello, everyone!!!
Literally,"long time no see"...but here, I am back!
I heard about only accomplishments that you all have done
believing you enjoy each event and your everyday life.
My life in L.A. is warm and cool, too!

Speaking about TV programs,I have SO MANY
favorite TV programs here...Gee, I cannot finish listing.
I will wait for the next time to mention about
those programs for adult yet will let you know
a Kids TV show recommended by an American high school
girl from L.A. She wrote the announcemnt of the show
for you in the following. She said that she used to watch
this program A LOT when she was a little! Check it out!

The Magic School Bus

This show basically teaches children about different
fields of science through fun and imagination.
They learn about Earth Sciences such as volcanoes,
earth quakes, rocks, and other things like that.
It also teaches them about health, bacterias, blood
cells, antibodies, etc.

What makes the show fun and different is that the
teacher, Ms. Frizzle, takes them on a field trip
of the day. Their "Magic School Bus"is able to
shrink into almost anysize, as well as enlarge
and transform itself into almost anything,
depending on where they are going.

At the end of the show, they review things they
learned on the trip and they get their assignments
from their teacher for their next field trip.

See you again!



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